Making your voice heard. Since 1985, our members have generated more than 90 million calls, letters, emails and petition signatures pressing for political change.

Frequently Asked Questions About CREDO

Q. Why are you changing your name?

A. Because we want our name to tell the world what we’re all about, so we can continue to grow our business and our movement for progressive change. Because “credo” means belief and belief is at the heart of everything we do. The belief we can make the world a better place through great phone service. As CREDO, we’ll be reaching more people and working even harder for progressive change.

Q. What happened to Working Assets?

A. Our parent company is still Working Assets. We’ve renamed our services to better convey the belief that drives our business: Working Assets Wireless is now CREDO Mobile and Working Assets Long Distance is now CREDO Long Distance.

Q. Is the credit card changing too?

A. No. The credit card will still be Working Assets.

Q. Are your politics changing?

A. No. Our new CREDO Action Web site is packed with progressive commentary and political activism. And our donations are still going to the progressive causes you support.

Q. Were you bought by another company?

A. No. We’re the same people with the same strong beliefs. Laura Scher and Michael Kieschnick, who started Working Assets 28 years ago, are still leading the way.

Q. Will this change my Working Assets service?

A. No. You’ll still get quality coverage via the Sprint® network* and your rates won’t change. You’ll still get a great selection of mobile phones. You will notice a new look and feel in our communications. But our donations to progressive causes, our mission to build a better world and our first-rate customer service will be the same.

*Sprint is the network provider only; your service is handled exclusively by CREDO. Sprint is a trademark of Sprint.